Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Foot Care Kicks Off in Littleport, Cambridge

Welcome to The Utopia Centre, the home of professional footcare and certificated weight loss in Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

Why combine weight loss and footcare?

Well, we know from experience that weight problems are often associated with foot pain and joint problems.

From corns and callouses to more deep-seated foot problems, we also know that losing excess weight is almost always reflected in healthier and less painful feet.

But even if you're not overweight you can still have foot, knee and hip pain if you have a basic mechanical problem with your feet or your gait, and we can help you with those, too.

In fact, much knee, back and hip trouble stems from the feet, so it makes sense to come to The Utopia Centre if you have persistent or recurring pain in any of those areas.

We'll be sharing some footcare and weightloss tips with you here, but for more detailed information now, visit The Utopia Centre website or speak to us in person!

Here's to pain-free feet...


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