Thursday, 19 November 2009

Foot Pain and Foot Care - The Balls of Your Feet

Pain in the balls of the feet is known as "Metatarsalgia". and it's an inflammation in the nerves attached to some of the foot bones.

When the toe nerves get displaced and constantly rub or get pressed against the bones, it results in pain in the ball of your foot. So the location of your foot pain can be misleading, but the good news is it can often be alleviated quite simply.

Proper arch support provided by the right kind of orthotic inserts can provide significant relief from metatarsalgia and other foot, knee and even hip pain, and of course you can get more information and help with orthotic inserts and all aspects of foot care in the Cambridge area from The Utopia Centre.

Call us or email me for more information about foot care and weightloss in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.


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