Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Book! How to Become a Foot Care Professional

One of the main reasons for the continuing and growing success of the Foot Care Centre and The College of Foot Care Practitioners, apart from masses of hard work, is the nous and skill of our brilliant marketing whizz, Jacqui Carrel.

That's why she's the most qualified person I can think of to write a book about How to Become a Foot Care Professional, which has just been published on Kindle. In the book, she doesn't just talk about foot care, she also covers setting up in business and marketing your services: 

"This short but informative book shows how YOU can become a foot care professional, no matter what your background is. Jacqui Carrel answers these questions and more:

:: Can I get into foot care without a degree? (Clue: Yes! The author shows you how you can get going quickly)

:: What are the benefits of foot care as a career? (Clue: There are many!)

:: Is there a need for my services? (Clue: Yes! The author explains why, and how you can benefit from this need.)

:: Will I be able to get clients? (Clue: Plenty! Take these few simple steps that most of your competitors aren't doing, and you'll be away.)

:: Do you show me how to evaluate foot training courses? (Yes.) "

The good news is you don't even need a Kindle to read it - you can download a free Kindle reader from the Amazon site for just about any device, including a laptop, iPhone or iPad. So, at just over £2, the book is a bargain and a brilliant introduction to the Foot Care profession.

I have no doubt that How to Become a Foot Care Professional will be a revelation to people who might be thinking of joining the profession but think it's beyond them, as Jacqui explains how easy and affordable it is to start - starting by downloading her book, of course!




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