Friday, 2 December 2011

Huge Demand for Foot Care Practitioners

In case you wondered if there was a real demand for foot care professionals, take note of the number of foot care patients in just one county, Staffordshire - 42,700! Then notice that the county's health service has just removed over 11,000 of them from their waiting list.

That's 11,000 untreated foot care clients in one county...

A story on This is Staffordshire ( explains:

"Plans are also being considered for high street chemists, nurses and care home staff to be drafted in to offer a simple toenail-cutting service.

Officials said action was needed because the lists had nearly doubled in three years to a staggering nine per cent of the entire North Staffordshire population.

Much of the explosion has been put down to a growth in people diagnosed with diabetes and so requiring regular chiropody consultations to prevent their foot problems leading to complications such as limb amputations."

It sounds to me like there's a need for a much more complete service than simple nail cutting! There's a huge demand for professional foot care and it can only increase. 

But Staffordshire isn't the only county where services are being cut, is it? If there are 11,000 people needing professional foot care in Staffs, how many are there in your area?

You can train in professional foot care and become a quailified Foot Care Practitioner in just a few weeks with The College of Foot Care Practitioners in the historic Norfolk coastal town of Kings Lynn. Visit the website now and then get in touch!


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