Monday, 25 July 2011

Travel Tips and Feet-Friendly Fish!

Fish may not have feet but some of them still seem to know how to take care of ours! Either that, or they just enjoy a nibble. Garra Rufa fish are the subject of one of the most recent articles on the Clinic website, and these friendly fellows are being gainfully employed in the painless treatment of unsightly skin.

We can't promise it won't tickle, though!

There's also a very helpful article on taking care of your feet when travelling, and another on how to care for your feet so they're always ready for revealing footwear, whatever the time of year.

You'll also find links to my recent radio broadcasts - tips I put together as part of Foot Awareness Week, and lots more - with new articles due to be added every day this week!!

In short, run, hop, skip or walk to the Foot Care Centre Kings Lynn website. And if it's real live foot care you want, just contact us at the Centre itself on 01553 768661.

Remember, we're at 6B Tower Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1EJ


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