Sunday, 26 June 2011

** Great News for Foot Care Pros **

We have some great news for you if you're a foot care professional or thinking of becoming one.

It can be time comsuming and, at times, bewildering, trying to find materials to help you
with your foot care techniques and businesses.

And, as some of our students tell us, it can be a bit lonely out there.

We've taken all the comments on board and the good news is, for the time being at least,
we're making our membership site available for NO CHARGE to everyone who is:
~ A foot care practitioner (of whatever level)
~ Using foot care in their complementary therapy practice
~ Thinking about going into foot care

So, go across to and have a look!

Even if you have already joined at Bronze level, you'll see you now have access to
all parts of the site.

Here are the things you'll see:
:: Training updates
:: Forum (share stories and finds, ask questions, etc, with other foot care pros)
:: Get in the directory
:: Foot care articles and videos
:: Business and marketing advice
:: Offers (such as discounted insurance and websites)
:: Materials for you to use in your own websites, etc

Yes, all that and more...and at no charge to you.

With very best wishes to you from
Elizabeth (foot care trainer) and Jacqui (foot care marketer)

The College of Foot Care Practitioners, 4B Tower St, King?s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1EJ, UK

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