Monday, 20 December 2010

New Laser Technology at the Foot Care Centre


Now Kings Lynn Foot Care Centre Introduces Laser* Technology

The Foot Care Clinic in Kings Lynn is introducing even more hi-tech equipment to speed the treatment of clients’ foot problems. Not content with the recent launch of their cryosurgery treatment for warts, corns and verrucas, they now have laser equipment, too.

The laser can be ‘tuned’ and used for many purposes, but perhaps the biggest advance (if not the most glamorous) is laser treatment for fungal nail infections.

As Elizabeth Dutton, owner of the clinic says, “Nail fungus is a persistent and unsightly problem for a lot of people and the chemical treatments they’ve been using up to now don’t have a great record of success, quite frankly. Sadly, a lot of people are embarrassed to show their toes in public because of it.”

Although not many of us will want to expose our toes outside at this time of year, this is the party season and prettily painted nails can certainly add a touch more glamour to a glittery outfit. Some of us are lucky enough to fly off to warmer climes at this time of year, too.

Elizabeth adds, “The Omega Laser I use is painless and effective. You could spend months trying to get rid of a fungal infection with chemicals before you hit the beaches next summer, or you could take a shortcut and get it treated much more quickly and reliably.”

The Omega Laser can also treat corns, warts and cracked skin and help with the healing of damaged muscles and tendons. It can help pain relief, too.

You can find out more about Laser treatment from under ‘Clinics’ or call the clinic on 01553 768 661.

Elizabeth Dutton is a foot health care practitioner and trainer. She treats foot, back and joint problems at her clinic in Kings Lynn and home visits.

Telephone: 01553 768 661


Clinic: 4B Tower St, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1EJ

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