Thursday, 15 March 2012

Foot Awareness Day 16 March

People have been asking us about Foot Awareness Day. As it's tomorrow, 16th March, I thought I should answer them while I have a few spare minutes!

Q: What are Foot Awareness Days?
A: They’re just that! The days are designed for people all over the UK to become more aware of their feet and to discover ways to keep them healthy and trouble free. Click here for Foot Care Tips

Q: What age group is the foot awareness aimed at?
A: All ages from birth to very old age!

Q: Can I look after my feet myself?
A: Very often, yes: Click here for Foot Care Tips

Q: Can I/my child come to you for an assessment?
A: Yes – if you need our help, we’ll tell you; if you can do it at home, we’ll also tell you

Q: I am a foot care pro – can I join in?
A: Yes – spread the word! Call us if you need ideas/help

Remember, we also have an open house on Saturday 17th (morning only), so do pop in and see us if you're in Kings Lynn. We're in Tower Street. Directions are on the website.


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