Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How the NHS Foot Care Crisis Affects Diabetics

Did you know that you could be ten times more likely to lose a limb through diabetes in some parts of the country compared to others?

That astonishing fact doesn't just reflect well on the areas where the proper tests and treatments are being performed - it shows how abysmally the NHS treats diabetes patients in general. Specific problems associated with diabetes, like peripheral neuropathy - lack of sensation in the extremities - can be helped by specialists like foot care professionals who can be trained to spot the first signs of trouble.

That's why we're extremely careful at the Foot Care Centre to assess what are known as 'contra-indications' - reasons why a standard treatment might be a bad idea or even dangerous - especially with clients affected by diabetes.

And it's why we'll be publishing a short book very soon on foot care for diabetics, as well as including a detailed section in the main book due to be published in the next month or so.

While the NHS struggles to give you the treatments and care you need and deserve, we'll be doing our utmost to help as much as we can!

Watch this space, or our Twitter and Facebook Pages for news of both books.


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