Monday, 19 March 2012

Essential Foot Care for Diabetics

One of the most inportant groups of people we see at the Foot Care Centre in Kings Lynn is diabetic patients. Of course, all our clients are important but the extra care that's necessary when treating the feet of diabetic people means we take extra pride in our expertise and knowledge.

Recent publicity about standards of care for diabetic patients has highlighted the importance even more. That's why I'v just published my first book on Amazon, called Essential Foot Care for Diabetics. (UK link)

Without this expert care and attention, diabetic patients are at serious risk of major complications and even amputations. In some parts of the country these amputation rates are ten times higher than in other regions.

So, a couple of pounds or so (or $2.99) for a book that details all the essential points about foot care for diabetic patients has to be a good investment.

That applies to diabetic people themselves, their carers and relatives, health workers, and foot care professionals. Essential Foot Care for Diabetics is available from Amazon, wherever you live. You don't need a Kindle to read it, either, just a free app for your computer or mobile device.


PS. The advice in this book could easily save a limb! Here's the link again and here's the UK link.

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